Welcome To Sunshine Jet Ski Rental

Jet Ski Rentals Best Rates Around

@ $80 Hour!

Call for reservations or ski availability. Open year around

Hours: 9am-6:30pm 7 Days a Week!!!

2 people/ski add $10 for the first hour.
After 5pm the rate goes up to $120/HR/ski.
Deposit $125/Ski (separate from rental price).
All Day Rental Rate 4hrs for $330.00.

Any person born after Jan 1, 1988, must take the temporary boating test, the test is 25 multiple choice questions. It can be done online or at the location.


Don’t be restricted to just one small riding area, ride as far as you want with us.
Hint: Be sure to ask are there any boundaries if you rent from another company.

The Best Rates In The Tampa Bay Area.

jumping jetskiIf you are tired of riding in the same area, come ride with us. We will drop the jet ski anywhere that there is a boat launch ramp. There are many fun bodies of water to choose from.

Recommended Adventurous & Exciting Launch Locations

Make It An All-Day or Group Event

If you get 2 skis for 2 hours or more deduct $5.00/per hour per ski!!

Tour Guide $150.00 Per Ski

One of our tour guides will take you on an adventurous journey to locations like Shell Island and Egmont Key. Our tour is 1 to 2 hours. While you’re out you might run into a pod of dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, rays and many more!

Sand Bar Excursion

00O0O_fWu8QVGzXxe_600x450[1]The Sandbar Excursion is Designed for 10 people or more.

With the sandbar Excursion you can relax or party out on the sandbar, the sandbar offers something for everyone to do. If you enjoy snorkeling bring your snorkeling gear, if you enjoy swimming or playing in the water you can also go swimming, the sandbar is like a beach in the middle of the ocean so you are on an island in the middle of the ocean. You will spend 4 or 5 hours out on the sandbar we will provide tents and a portable music box so you can jam out on the sandbar, we will also provide refreshments. We suggest you pack a lunch for the day, if you bring Alcohol please bring it in a plastic container.
The pick up location is from Fort Desoto Boat Ramp. On the weekend the sandbar will have other boaters on the sandbar, so if you want the sandbar to yourself the time to go is on the weekday. Our Captain will pick you up from the boat ramp and transport you and your party to the sandbar. We can take 10 passengers at a time, the ride to the sandbar is about 15 minutes out from the dock. The boat will stay out at the sandbar if anyone needs to leave early. Please be sure to bring your own beach towel or beach chair if you want to lay out on the sand and get some sun. This is a great adventure out on the sandbar to get away from every day life, come relax or have fun on the sandbar with us. Please call to make reservations. Our launch time is 11am.

So don’t wait another minute – book your party now – and let the anticipation BEGIN!!!

    • Sand Bar Adventure:
    • Adults: $60.00 Per Person
    • Children 14 years and under : $30.00 Per Child
  • Hours 11-4
The Sandbar Excursion is great for:
    • Friends and family gathering
    • Corporate team building skills
    • Birthday Parties
    • Partying on the sandbar
  • Cooking out on the sandbar, please bring your own grill, and cooler, we do have a cooler on board, but it would be a good idea to bring your own cooler.

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Boat and Captain for Hire

2016-09-203The Boat and Captain for hire offers a couple of different packages, this is designed for 2-6 people at a time on the boat.


Our Captain will take you to a couple of different beaches in the area such as, Saint Pete beach, Pass-a-grille Beach, Treasure Island Beach, and Johns Pass.


Island hopping will make stops to a couple of Islands such as Shell Island, Egmont Key, and we will also visit a sandbar. On these Islands you can get off the boat and explore, Egmont Key has the famous light house, and Shell offers shell collection. Remember with the Island hopping you will get wet, from getting on and off the boat


With this tour our Captain will take you to different bars and restaurants on the water by boat. We have a couple of favorite spots we take you to on the water, where you can eat and get a nice drink.


On our sunset cruise our Captain will take you out to the Gulf to watch the beautiful sunset, he will anchor you down, and you can relax with a bottle of wine and watch the sunset.

We offer Private and Group Sunset Cruises

Sandbar and Beach Tours

With this package our Captain will take you to visit some of the beaches and sandbars in the area where you can get off the boat and swim around and enjoy the day out on the water. If you want to bring your snorkeling gear feel free, we suggest you pack a lunch and refreshments, we offer water on the boat, if you bring alcohol please bring it in a plastic container.


    •  Half Day 4hrs Rate $350.00
    •  All Day 7hrs Rate $575.00
  •  All of our Packages can be modified to meet your needs.
We encourage reservations in advance – so book your Adventure TODAY!
    • Boat Bar Tour
    • Restaurant Tour
    • Romantic Night Tour
  • Private Romantic Night
Launch time is usually at 6pm. Please call for pricing. We have the local restaurant menus on board.
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Private Sunset Tours: $300.00

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